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Viri 12/18/2014 9:08 AM
Hi guys! Thank you! Hope you all had a great thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!
Mzaga 11/25/2014 9:40 PM
Gekk & V -- War, Dev, Tat & Dicem (his wife), Morningwind and I, are all playing WoW. Xpac is as good or better than any before. We all miss you two and hope you're well. Happy Thanksgiving.
Guild News

Everquest news

Viri, Aug 6, 11 8:44 AM.

I found the info on free playtime on EQ, it's only available until Aug 31.




We want to ensure that your experience is as positive as possible as you re-enter our games. To show our gratitude for your patience and support, Sony Online Entertainment is offering a Welcome Back Program, the details of which are outlined below.

Firstly, as a Station Account holder in good standing, you will receive 45 days of game time (30 days plus 1 day for each day of the outage) added to your Station Account. This game time applies to any game you have currently or previously activated on your Station Account.

For those customers on an active paying plan, this time has been added to the end of your current billing cycle. For all other customers, your time begins upon your first login to each of the relevant games. Customers must login by 11:59 pm PST August 31, 2011 to claim the game time.

If you require the latest SOE game software, visit

In addition to game time, current Station Access subscribers (with accounts in good standing) will receive 500 Station Cash.

Lifetime subscribers/members (who are therefore not on a billing cycle) will receive in-game currency instead of game time:

  • Clone Wars Adventures™ - 7,500 Galactic Credits
  • Free Realms® - 20,000 Coin
  • DC Universe™ Online - 10 Marks of Distinction

Additionally, many of our PC games are offering a variety of items and special events to welcome players back, depending on which game(s) you play or have ever played. The table below covers, by game, which items are available and who is eligible to receive them.

Character Transfers

Viri, Jun 27, 11 7:30 PM.
From :

* Character transfers are free and a character can be moved once every 7 days.
* To be eligible for a transfer, your character must meet the following requirements:
- Level 15+ [does not apply to characters on designated Trial Shards]
- If under level 40, the maximum Platinum that you can transfer with is capped at 3 Plat per character level.
- Your account cannot be Coin Locked
- You cannot have mail left in your mailbox, or auctions left on the auction house/pending bids.
* Initiate a Character Transfer from the Character Select screen.
* Not all shards or factions will be open for transfer at a given time; this will change based on population balance.
* If your name is not available on the desired shard, you will be prompted for a rename prior to moving.
* Once you accept the transfer, it will take several seconds to complete.
* For information on transferring your guild [as a guild leader], or joining your guild after it has moved, see below under GUILD TRANSFERS.

* Guild leaders will be able to choose whether or not to move their guild with them to a selected shard after satisfying all of the above transfer process requirements.
* The Guild Bank must be empty for a guild to be eligible for transfer.
* If you are a member of a guild that has moved shards, you will be informed the next time you log in, and the same information will be available on the guild window until you transfer or join another guild.
* If you choose to transfer shards with your guild, the destination shard and faction will always be available to you, even if it is closed to non-guild transfer characters.
* You will need to meet all of the above individual character transfer requirements.
* Once your individual transfer is complete, you will be automatically joined with your guild on your new shard.

Patch Notes -6/23/11 Guild Banks!

Viri, Jun 25, 11 6:28 AM.
RIFT 1.3 Hotfix #1 - 6/23/11 GUILD BANKS
* Guild Banks are being verified on select shards prior to being fully enabled. Visit the new Guild Bank NPCs in Sanctum and Meridian once they are enabled on your shard.
* The first Guild Bank tab can be purchased for 30 Platinum with no additional restrictions.
* Up to 4 additional tabs can also be purchased to expand your guild's bank.
* Guild Banks can also be used to store Platinum, which members of the guild can use to Soul Mend (up to a daily limit) if they have permission to do so.
* A new guild perk, Tithe, generates additional cash drops from NPCs that goes directly into the Guild Bank's cash reserves, up to a daily cap.
* Add and Withdraw permissions for items and currency can be managed for each tab and each guild rank via the Guild interface.
* Coin Locked characters cannot add or remove items or currency from a Guild Bank.
* Authenticator restrictions for Guild Bank management are not included in this release, and will be added in a future update.
* Note: Soulbound or Account-bound items cannot be placed in the Guild Bank.

* The LFG tool will be re-enabled after verifying that this update fixes a crash issue that could occur while forming groups on live shards.
 * Non-leader members of a party are now informed if the leader removes the group from some (but not all) LFG queues.


* Iron Pine Peaks: Plaques of the Mountaineer are now properly granted from daily quests.
* Potential fix for the random trees appearing in the world where they shouldn't be.
* The lesser essence Whirling Charge has regained its identity as a Rogue-statted item.
* Returned the Fang of Gaurath items to their previous state.
* Fixed raid frames showing red bars for raid members out of range or teleporting.


* Justicar: Rebuke should now actually work.
* Fixed a bug causing Break Free to fail to work while under some confuse and fear effects.

* Fixed a rare crash issue with using specific recipes with augments.
* Corrected Heroic Healing Tonic recipe being replaced with the Brew of the Abyssal Apprentice. If you previously had Heroic Healing Tonic in your recipe list, it should reappear again as normal.

Patch News- 6/9/11 & 6/5/11

Viri, Jun 12, 11 9:02 PM.
RIFT 1.2.1 Hotfix #4 - 6/9/11 GENERAL
* LFG: Abyssal Precipice and Runic Descent now reward correct numbers of Rare Equipment Caches granted for completing random normal dungeons.
* Players who die during boss fights in instanced Raids and Dungeons should always be eligible for loot rolls, even when Soul Walking back to the instance.
* Fixed a rare problem where characters would get stuck and unable to pass character select - this is a separate issue from the one affecting some logins from hotels and universities.
* Sanctum: The Messenger of the Vigil and other Quantum Sight-visible NPCs will no longer interfere with fighting taking place in the city.
* Shimmersand: Twisted Perfection: Fixed an issue that occasionally caused the Cyclone Lord to not appear when summoned.
* Shimmersand: Ritual Firebrands: This quest now requires level 50 to accept. ====================================
RIFT 1.2.1 Hotfix #3 - 6/5/11

* Warfronts: Damage power-ups found in The Black Garden, The Codex, and Whitefall Steppes now grant a static amount of Attack and Spell Power based on the level bracket of the Warfront they are in.
* Guardian or Defiant Invasions should no longer attack Ancient Wardstones that are activated for their faction.
* Raid Rift: Drakith Hatchery is now more in line with the difficulty of other Raid Rifts. Also with less annoying knockbacks!
* Fixed some audio issues with footsteps for the Kelari Camoflauge ability.
* The population in Mage's Mark has undergone some tweaking to bring it more in line with the intended difficulty for the area.
* Make Him Sing: Fixed some issues that could cause Ekdim the Mad to not turn friendly and be interactable while on this quest.

Rift Patch Notes for 6/1/11

Viri, Jun 1, 11 11:14 PM.
RIFT 1.2.1 Hot Fix #2 - 6/01/11 PATCH NOTES
*Looking for group quests for Normal Dungeon Dailies will now award players with a Rare Equipment Cache which contains a random rare item for your character!
*Fixed an issue with sell back, this feature has been re-enabled.
*Iron Pine Peak: Failure to defend the Wardstones during
“The Snow Pack” zone event will now properly cause the zone to fall under Akylios’ might.
*Fixed an incompatibility with AMD Athlon XP processors.

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